Friday, September 21, 2012

Settling In: Church

Alot has happened this past week - alot that is helping us settle in and make this place our home.

Top of the list of course are 1) we got hot water, 2) we got a new toilet that will now "flush solids" (I know, TMI, but ever since I heard the plumber use that phrase, just thinking about it makes me laugh!), and 3) we got a dishwasher.  The fruit flies are still here and the fertilizer smell is peaking - I no longer think the cut-down-cornfields are cool since for some reason the two coincide - and I can't walk outside without covering my face because my hypersensitive gag reflex is evoked (who would have thought a mother of 7 would have a hypersensitive gag relfex?) and well, it's just not pretty.  My hubby, however, seems to think it's quite funny.

Fortunately, we're told 1) "You'll get used to it", and 2) "By the time you do, the cold sets in and the smell goes away" - how long you I ask? - 3 weeks.  Come on winter!!!!!  It's like living in the zoo - the stinky part of the zoo - so if you're planning to come visit, I'd recommend you wait a month, unless you like the smell of the zoo...I always joked about my life being a zoo...but I really was joking, God.  Honest!

This Sunday will mark our 3rd week at our new church. 

Our church body loves, serves, and functions as a single entity but has two Sunday services that meet at the same time, a traditional one and a contemporary one.  Mark is the contemporary pastor, but on a regular rotation, will preach in the traditional service as well, and to date, has already preached in both.  It is so cool to see him at work doing what God has called him to do during this season of life.

Ben too, has already plugged in to his spot and is playing regularly with the worship team.

And the kiddos are loving their classes.  I've jumped right in to the Mothers' Time Out group which is community-wide and the mid-week women's Bible study class.  Everyone is so welcoming and loving.  They make the transition, minus the poop smell, easy.

The church building is old and beautiful.  It stands tall right on the corner of the main street right in town.

The windows in the traditional sanctuary are breathtaking.

The first Sunday here we went out to eat for lunch, and I somehow I managed to drop our car keys down a city township sewer drain. 

It really was a freak accident type thing.  Fortunately, my men are geniuses, and with a little ingenuity (a belt and a nametag of all things) they managed to fish those keys right out of there.

Thankfully despite it having rained all day the day before, there was no water in that part of the sewer, and it wasn't very deep, and my men were with me, and the belt idea worked, and...I could go on and on.  (So the second Sunday we came back home for lunch :) )

My angry 13 year old is still very angry.  The transition for her is proving to be very hard.  It is affecting every aspect of our life here, and we humbly and fervently ask for your prayers.  I know our God is faithful, and I know He has a plan.  May we stand strong in HIM, and may He heal and deliver.

"Do not be afraid.  
Stand firm and you will see 
the deliverance 
the LORD will bring you today...
The LORD will fight for you; 
you need only to be still."
Exodus 14:13-14


  1. Oh no! The pooh smell is that bad? So sorry to hear!

    Glad you are all finding your niche there. It will continue to come I'm sure, the settling and feeling more like home.

    Wow the keys episode sounds like McGyver was with you....geniuses!

    Thankful that you are being so welcomed in your new community, that is so very important and you all are so deserving of it! Will keep you in my prayers!

  2. The church is beautiful!! I am glad you are settling in and making a home.


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